Charged B,strange D mesons

(values<45.294)× 10

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{\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^- \phi(1020) ) {\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^+ K^- K^- ) {\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^{*-} \phi(1020) ) {\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^{*+} K^- K^- ) {\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^- \pi^0 ) {\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^{*+} K^- \pi^- ) {\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^+ K^- \pi^- )
(45.294<values)× 10

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{\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^- D^0 ) {\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^{*-} D^0 ) {\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^- D^{*0}(2007) ) {\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^{*-} D^{*0}(2007) )

Charged B,strange D mesons Products


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{{\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_{s1}^-(2536) D^0 )\times {\cal{B}} ( D_{s1}^-(2536) \to \bar{D}^{*0}(2007) K^- )} {{\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_{s1}^-(2536) D^0 )\times {\cal{B}} ( D_{s1}^-(2536) \to D^{*-}(2010) \bar{K}^0 )} {{\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^- D^{*0}(2007) )\times {\cal{B}} ( D_s^- \to \phi(1020) \pi^- )} {{\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^{*-} D^0 )\times {\cal{B}} ( D_s^- \to \phi(1020) \pi^- )} {{\cal{B}} ( B^+ \to D_{s1}^+(2536) \bar{D}^0 )\times {\cal{B}} ( D_{s1}^+(2536) \to D^{*0}(2007) K^+ \:+\: D^{*+}(2010) K^0 )} {{\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^- D^0 )\times {\cal{B}} ( D_s^- \to \phi(1020) \pi^- )} {{\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_{s1}^-(2536) \bar{D}^{*0}(2007) )\times {\cal{B}} ( D_{s1}^-(2536) \to \bar{D}^{*0}(2007) K^- )} {{\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_s^{*-} D^{*0}(2007) )\times {\cal{B}} ( D_s^- \to \phi(1020) \pi^- )} {{\cal{B}} ( B^- \to D_{s1}^-(2536) D^{*0}(2007) )\times {\cal{B}} ( D_{s1}^-(2536) \to D^{*-}(2010) \bar{K}^0 )}

Compilation Latex Table


Key to the categories used for each measurement

Category Definition
waitingResults without a preprint available
pubhotResults published during or after 2011
prehotPreprint released during or after 2011
pubResults published during or after 2008 but before 2011
prePreprint released during or after 2008 but before 2011
puboldResults published before 2008
preoldPreprint released before 2008
errorIncomplete information to classify
superceededResults superceeded by more recent measurements from the same experiment
inactiveResults in the process of being entered into the database
noquoResults without quotes


Two averages obtained using the PDG method are presented below: "avg1" excludes the 3rd correlated errors while "avg2" includes them combined in as uncorrelated manner. The "avg2" uncertainty is an overestimate while "avg1" is an underestimate. In the plots "avg1" is represented by the yellow region and "avg2" is represented by the light blue region. In cases where the correlations are unimportant the yellow region obscures the light-blue region. The grey region indicates the PDG results where available.

This page provides plots in PNG format. Navigate to individual quantity pages providing references and numerical values by clicking in the region of the quantity on the plot.