Who we are

1. About Us

The HFAG Charm subgroup first took shape as a break off from the HFAG DCPV/Rare subgroup. Its remit is to compile b to charm results.

The group performs this work using a dynamic XML database backed approach, snapshots of the database are made and checked prior to the major summer conferences.

2. Credits

The following people are members of the sub-group

Simon C. Blyth ( belle, sub-group convenor ) blyth@hep1.phys.ntu.edu.tw

Andrzej Bozek ( belle )

Thomas Kuhr ( belle )

Silvano Tosi ( babar, charmonium )

Gianluigi Cibinetto ( babar, charmonium )

Cecilia Voena ( babar, open charm )

Matteo Rama ( babar, open charm )

Cheng-Ju Stephen Lin ( cdf )

Amhis Yasmine Sara ( lhcb )

(if some names are missing here, please send a message to Simon to amend this - also please report any problems with the site )