HFAG/b2charm update for end_of_2011

1. HFAG/b2charm introduction

The HFAG b2charm subgroup first took shape as a break off from the HFAG DCPV/Rare subgroup. Its remit is to compile b to charm results. The name of the group was changed from HFAG/Charm to make way for a more generic new group of that name.

The group performs this work using a web application that collects results via web forms, stores them in an XML database , and presents them using stylesheets and XQuerys. Snapshots of the database are made and checked yearly.

2. Database content for end_of_2011 (end_of_2011)

At last count the database contained 234 active references (lhcb: 28 cdf: 29 belle: 102 babar: 69 d0: 6), that comprise a total of 651 measurements (lhcb: 39 cdf: 48 belle: 240 babar: 318 d0: 6). There are 140 quantities with mutiple determinations.

Creation stamp : 2013-07-16T18:21+0900


While great efforts have been made to ensure the correctness of the results you see, due to the volume of results handled and it is almost inevitable that some typos/problems remain. Please contribute by pointing out problems that you find to the convenor or suggesting additions/modifications.

If you have b to charm results that you would like to include in the database then please contact the convenor regarding joining the group.